Are Chacos Meant For Hiking? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Want to go on hiking and wondering whether you can wear Chacos sandals on it? It’s better to know this, as choosing the wrong shoe/sandals for any outdoor activity can lead to lots of frustration. So, what about Chacos?

You should know that:

Chacos are meant for hiking. They are outdoor footwear and fit every outdoor fun, including hiking. Plus, these sandals offer the best fitting, provide support, and are really comfortable. So, wear them wherever you go hiking.

Want more info? Then stay till the end to know more about wearing Chacos to hiking. As a bonus, I am also discussing which Chacos sandals are the best for hiking. Let’s dive in!

Why Are Chacos Sandals Good For Hiking?

Are Chacos Meant For Hiking

There are lots of reasons why people choose Chacos whenever they are going hiking. Here are the main ones:

It’s an Outdoor Footwear

Chacos sandals are outdoor footwear. They are specifically manufactured for those who like to do activities like camping, hiking, etc. These sandals have also gained a reputation for giving an adventurous look too.

Provides Comfort

Chacos sandals are made with high-quality materials. They are flexible so that you enjoy the best fitting without getting your skin chafed.

Most people face the problem of straps being too tight. Fortunately, Chacos makes it a bit soft and adjustable so that your feet enjoy maximum comfort.

Support Feet Muscles

Another reason why hikers should wear Chacos during hiking is that they keep their feet muscles relaxed. It’s because Chacos are not ordinary sandals. They are approved by the American Pediatric Medical Association for being good for foot muscles.

Does Not Get Slipped

One more quality that people love about Chacos is that they do not slip. They are made with a strong and soft sole that stays stable, no matter which floor or terrain you are in.

The sole is made up of rubber, which is a durable material and can sustain a sudden shock easily. Plus, the midsole is manufactured with LUVseat, which also provides comfort. Even more, Chacos sandals have Cinch buckles to make sure they stay fit.

Ideal in Weight

Weight of the footwear should be ideal, especially during hiking. Some hiking shoes are heavy, and most people get tired of wearing them after just a few hours only.

But that’s not the case with Chacos sandals.

They are light in weight and do not cause any burden on the feet. You can wear them and go walking or hiking for hours without feeling problems. The secure fit makes the time even more enjoyable.


Sandals should be breathable. By breathable, I mean they should let the air pass through.

It is super important for air circulation to happen because it does not let the feet get smelly. Furthermore, it also takes away moisture, which increases the shelf life of the sandal.

This benefit is not offered by poor-quality sandals. Some branded shoe companies also lack it.

Lucky for you as Chacos sandals are 100 percent breathable. They let the air pass, which reduces the chances of blistering. Plus, the water does not build up in them, which is important during hiking.

Available For Both Men and Women

Chacos are not for one gender only. They are available for everyone.

  • For men, the popular choice is Men’s Z1 Classic. You can get them in sizes 5 to 15 and in more than two dozen of colors. The design looks really elegant, which complements the hiking outfit.

It has a sticky outsole which ensures stability on terrains. Furthermore, the LuvSeat supports the underfoot to a great extent. Moreover, the Z straps are adjustable.

  • For women, I suggest the Women’s Z1 classic. Just like in the case of men’s sandals, you can get it in a wide range of sizes (5 to 12). Furthermore, you can get a pair in more than 30 colors.

The double-strapped polyester of Women’s Z1 makes sure they stay on their feet when you hike. Furthermore, the heel risers are also high tensile and can absorb shocks easily.

So, these are the main reasons which make Chacos the best for hiking.

But there’s another side. There are a few problems with Chacos sandals which you should know.

Chacos Cons You Should Know

There are two main issues that people face when they wear Chacos on hiking.


Chacos sandals are open. Whenever you have to go through such an area where there is too much debris or mud, then the problem will arise. Such dirt can go inside and touch your feet. You won’t face this issue if you wear closed shoes.

High Price

Chacos sandals are a little more expensive than any regular sandals. But this should not be an issue for you because they also provide more advantages than the rest.

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Tips to Make Hiking Safe and Fun With Chacos

If you don’t want to face any problems when you go hiking while wearing Chacos, then I have some effective tips for you.

Choose the Right Size

Some people make the mistake of choosing the wrong size when buying online. Purchasing a small or bigger sandal can result in lots of problems when you hike.

The small ones are tight and will start to hurt after a few hours. The bigger ones are loose, and you will find it hard to continue walking in them.

Therefore, I suggest you make sure you have chosen the right size when you are buying Chacos sandals for hiking.

Check for Any Tears in Advance

When you are about to go hiking, you should carefully take a look at your sandals. Check if the straps are fine and whether the sole is in good condition or not. If there is any wear & tear, then problems can occur during the hiking.

If the strap gets broken, the sandals won’t fit anymore. Similarly, if the sole is deteriorating, then the chances of slipping will be more in the journey.

So, check the sandals carefully before you pack them for hiking.

Go for Chaco Z/Cloud If You Like Soft Soles

Chacos Z1 has a somewhat hard sole. If you don’t like the hardness, then go for Z/Cloud, as it is made for those who prefer soft-sole sandals. This will make hiking fun for them.

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Final Thoughts

All-Inclusive, Chacos should be your first choice for sandals whenever you have to go hiking. They are super comfortable and provide the best fitting.

Moreover, they also have top-quality soles, so you won’t face the problem of slipping on the tracks/terrains. In addition to that, Chacos are also breathable, which will protect your feet from blisters.

So, wear them for hiking and have a good time! If you want to go for Chacos, do check the following recommendations:

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