Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Testing Their Durability

Hey Dudes is an Italian shoe brand known for its eco-friendly style and durability. Their insoles are made of memory foam, making them airy and comfortable. But, being made of sustainable vegan leather, most people wonder if they are really waterproof or not.

Know that:

Hey Dudes are vegan-friendly suede and canvas that can resist rainy weather, water splashes, and a spin in the washing machine. But it is only partially waterproof. If you expose them to wet conditions, they will not hold out water. However, the shoes are durable to resist water damage.

Moreover, their soles are made of EVA, a lightweight foam that doesn’t lose grip when exposed to wet conditions. Hey Dudes that include cotton-stretch fabric and canvas will not be ruined by water.

Still, how does this ensure the durability of these shoes against water? Stick till the end to find out!

More About Hey Dudes

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Testing Their Durability

Hey Dudes was founded by Italian footwear specialists Alessandro and Dario in 2008. They were designed to be a casual and comfortable shoe style for daily wear.

The Wally style was the first design the company launched, and since then, they have released numerous variations.

Hey Dudes has since become known for its sustainable materials and stylish designs. They have an extensive range of shoes, such as sandals, loafers, and boots, including vegan-friendly styles and some made from recycled plastic bottles. Each design is created with comfort and durability, ensuring that the shoes are stylish and built to last.

Each season, they add new designs while pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion, making Hey Dudes an iconic part of the Italian shoe industry. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion is helping to redefine industry standards.

What Makes Hey Dudes Durable?

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Testing Their Durability

Hey Dudes aims to make sustainable shoes that can be worn by men, women, and children every day.

They use biodegradable and non-polluting materials in all their shoes and are committed to reducing their environmental impact whenever possible. But they don’t let this motto get in the way of their quality and performance.

The Hey Dudes collection is inspired by current trends in the fashion industry, focusing on quality and versatility. The shoes are non-tie, grip your feet, and are made of breathable fabrics that are light and easy to stroll around in.

Their choice of material is the primary factor that contributes to their durability. Choosing vegan suede, stretch-cotton material, and EVA is a great way to make a shoe that can resist the wear and tear of daily activities while being iconic and stylish.

What Material are they Made of?

Hey Dudes were meant to be a daily wear shoe offering its user a trendy design with ease. The design and quality of this shoe come from three elements:

  1. The material
  2. The sole
  3. How it all comes together

Let’s look into it in detail.

The Material

Firstly, talking about the material, the goal was to keep it as light as possible to reduce fatigue. The brand uses suede leather, cotton, canvas, and recycled cork. Each of these materials is processed and refined in a way that reduces pollution while giving the users their money’s worth.

In addition, vegan suede provides a luxurious look while being environmentally friendly. With these features combined, Hey Dudes shoes provide superior durability and comfort for all users.

The Sole

After all the outer body is made, the main component of any shoe is its sole. It can either make or break a shoe. Hey Dudes diligently used a sole that could be feathery but strong enough to undergo daily activities. The soles of all their shoes are made up of EVA.

EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate, an elastomeric (naturally flexible) polymer. It provides the same impact as a rubber insole but has better shock resistance while walking and weighs less. This is why Hey Dudes ranks top on being a light shoe: a pair of their wally shoes weighs equal to 150 grams, about the same weight as a couple of pairs of socks.

How it all Comes Together

Using excellent materials is not the only factor that leads to the durability of these shoes; it also comes from their design. The Wally style, their most loved product, is built with a stretch-knit pattern. This gives the shoe its breathable nature and doesn’t let your feet sweat or stink.

The intricate design of the canvas creates a soft but sturdy structure that can move with your feet and stay intact.

So, are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Now comes the main element, whether these shoes are completely waterproof or not. Being made of suede and cotton materials, they tend to resist water damage, but they are not waterproof.

The shoes cannot hold water; they get wet in rainy conditions and absorb water. The knit design makes them quick-drying and strong enough to withstand prolonged water exposure.

The star of these shoes is their canvas design, which is chic and airy, but the canvas is not hydrophobic. Hey Dudes lack the layers of silicone coating required to make a shoe waterproof.

A silicon spray or a wax coating goes against their policy of making eco-friendly shoes. Moreover, these chemicals can ruin the look of the canvas and make it look fake.

Therefore, Hey Dudes has chosen to go against the traditional methods of waterproofing shoes, as these may have detrimental effects on the environment.

Hey Dudes have instead chosen to create shoes with a breathable membrane lining, which will keep your feet dry and comfortable without releasing harmful chemicals.

This membrane lining will also help preserve the look of the canvas so that your shoes maintain their original quality for longer.

More on Hey Dudes’ Durability and Waterproofing Material

Regarding the main subject, does this water-resistant nature make Hey Dudes a long-lasting shoe, or does it take away their durability? Having shoes that can withstand water damage is a huge relief in your daily life.

When you walk by a puddle or a car splashes water on your feet, you don’t want it to damage or stain your shoes permanently. In that case, Hey Dudes are great; even if you get water on them, you can wash them easily in a machine and dry them afterward in the dryer.

Being a daily wear shoe Hey dudes, they must be able to live up to all the tests that a casual shoe goes through. They should be comfortable on the feet and easy to walk in; daily wear should not cause damage to their inner or outer layers, and they must be lightweight.

The growing popularity of this brand proves that it lives up to all these expectations and fulfills all these aspects in the best way possible.


Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Testing Their Durability

Hey Dudes are well-known for their comfort. They are all comfortable due to their manufacturing methods and materials. Being a Wally-style loafer, it is hard for a shoe to be elegant and comfortable, and this brand does both things wonderfully.

Flex and fold technology is used in making these shoes, making them elastic and flexible. They move with your feet, and whether you are running, jogging, or walking up the staircase, your feet won’t feel any resistance from the shoe.

The cloth linen lining and the removable memory foam add to this experience. You can easily put them on, and they will feel like air on your feet. The insole gives proper heel support and isn’t hard at all. This removes the problem of aching heels or calves, a common problem with low-quality insoles.

The high-quality build ensures you have a comfortable shoe option that will last long. Padding around the shoe collar adds extra comfort to your ankles. All this attention to detail makes them reliable.


Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Testing Their Durability

One of the biggest factors to consider when investing in a shoe is whether it will stand the test of time or not.

All the materials used in making these shoes guarantee that the end product will be durable. Sueded vegan leather is an eco-friendly alternative and a stronger option.

This is why most shoe and bag companies turn to this material to replace leather. It is cruelty-free and yields a longer-lasting product.

The EVA insole also has a life of 10-15 years and can resist water and heat damage to a great extent. This shoe was designed to fit all customers, even those with medical issues, and it was only possible by using good materials. Having high-quality materials was their strategy to create a durable shoe.


Are Hey Dudes Waterproof? Testing Their Durability

The shoe must be lightweight if you wear a shoe throughout your day, run errands, go for walks, or go on brunch with your friends. Hey Dudes stand out as the best in this case. They weigh only 15 grams, almost as little as socks. When you have them on, it is the closest you will get to feeling barefooted while wearing a shoe.

The shoe has a thick insole and an inner sock lining, and these things combined weigh like nothing. They are surprisingly comfortable and provide good cushioning while walking.

Despite their lightweight, the shoes offer a lot of stability. With their thin, flexible, and breathable materials, barefoot shoes are a great choice for people who prefer minimalism and lightweight running.

Pros and Cons of Buying Hey Dudes

After going through all this information, there is no doubt that these shoes will prove to be a safe investment and will give your daily style a classy look. But to give you a little more insight, here are some pros and cons of buying these shoes:


Here are some of the main benefits of investing in Hey Dudes:


They are affordable and durable. These shoes cost between 55 and 60 dollars for adults and 36 for children. They appeal to all age groups and are easy on your pocket.


Arguably the most important feature to consider when purchasing a pair of Hey Dude shoes in style. With such a wide selection available, they have something for everyone. Their simple yet elegant design makes them ideal for all your casual wear.

Whether you wear them with or without socks, with pants or shorts or even capris, they look great. Hey Dude shoes come in many styles and colors, so you can be sure to find a pair that meets your needs.

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They are comfortable to wear; slide your feet in, and you are good to go. They are made of lightweight material and are foldable and easy to pack.


Hey Dude prides itself on producing shoes that do not harm the environment, from their biodegradable packaging that disintegrates within a year to their use of recycled cork and plastic in their production, as well as organic cotton in their manufacturing.


The company has a wide selection of shoes that include all styles. The designs are based on modern trends and are specific for men, women, and children. Hey Dudes also includes a vast color palette ranging from neutral tones to bright colors.


These shoes have an enhanced traction feature. Their soles are designed to give you a great grip on any surface. This feature proves to be great for walking on slippery surfaces.


Here are some downsides to buying Hey Dudes:

Shoe Size

The shoes don’t come in half sizes; their usual sizes are smaller than standard sizes. Meaning you have to buy it in a bigger size, and if your size is 9 ½, then you would either have to buy a 10 or a 9-number shoe.

Not Completely Waterproof

The shoes are water resistant but not completely waterproof, and they still can get wet, making them a poor option to wear on a rainy day.

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Hey Dudes are the perfect summertime shoe for all your lunches and parties. These shoes are the best, from their classy and chic style to their comfortable design and soothing insoles.

They are made of durable material to withstand a lot of damage and wear and tear. This also includes water damage. Although the shoe does not block water completely, the canvas is not affected by it and retains its beautiful color even after being washed.

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