Can I Return Worn Shoes to Zappos? (No, But)

What is the most irritating issue of online shopping? Not getting your desired product. I have seen that people don’t get the product they want in a parcel. And for Zappos shoes, I also have seen that people use the pair for a week or month, and found some issues in it.

Here, a lot of people ask if they can return worn shoes to Zappos. Is it possible?

You can’t return worn shoes to Zappos, they must be unworn. However, there are exceptional cases too. For example, according to Zappos’ return policy, if you purchased shoes and have worn them outdoors, you can exchange them within 30 days of purchase.

Now, I know you have a lot of questions regarding Zappos’ Return Policy about worn shoes. So, I am going to discuss it in this article.

Now, I know you have a lot of questions regarding Zappos’ return policy about worn shoes. So, I am going to discuss it in this article.

What is Zappos’ Return Policy for Worn Shoes?

Can I Return Worn Shoes to Zappos

The Zappos website has made it clear that your shoes should be unworn, in the packing, and with the tag when you are returning them. But, they have some exceptional policies for running shoes, or for shoes that have quality issues.

I am going to explore their returning policy for worn shoes in detail for you.

Zappos Return Policy about Worn Running Shoes:

You can return worn running shoes to their store.


Because we all know that you can use running shoes only outdoors. It has happened with a lot of people that they run in the shoes for one or two weeks, and find issues in it. These issues are mostly:

  • Their shoes are either uncomfortable due to the design.
  • Its size is inappropriate.
  • There can be other quality issues in shoes. Maybe, their running shoes are torn out while running.

In such scenarios, Zappos allows you to return running shoes within 30 days of purchase.

Zappos Exceptional Return Policy about Worn Shoes:

Zappos’ original return policy expects you to wear your shoes indoors. They allow you to buy shoes as much as you want, wear them indoors for a long time, and check whether they are comfortable or not. You are not allowed to wear shoes outdoors if you want to return them.

But, if you have worn your shoes outdoors for a week, and found some issues in them, you still can return them.


Well, you can contact their customer services and can share your issue with them. They will try to resolve your problem by either refunding you, changing the product, or can tell you what to do with your shoes.

In this method, there are chances that you will get a refund or replacement of the product. This depends on your shoe’s issue.

This is all about the exceptional return policy of Zappos for worn shoes. But, what is their original policy? I know you have this question now, so I am going to discuss it here.

What is Zappos’ Original Return Policy?

Maybe you all know that Zappos is famous for its return policy. I was in awe when I read its return policy as it gave a lot of relaxation to customers. Let me tell you the main points of this policy:

  • You can return the products within 365 days of purchase.
  • It should be in the original packing with the tag.
  • The shipping and return of parcels are free on Zappos.
  • You can select your preferred refund method from their website.
  • Your parcel will reach them within 5-10 business days. They will check it, and you will get the refund within 2-10 business days.
  • Your shoes should be unused and unworn.

These are the amazing crucial points of returning the parcel on Zappos. Now, you must want to know how to return the parcel. So, I am going to discuss the process now.

ShippingFREE standard shipping on ALL orders within the United States.
Some items not eligible for expedited shipping.
Longer delivery times for orders outside the continental U.S.
Multiple shipping options available at checkout with estimated delivery dates.
ReturnFREE return shipping from anywhere in the United States.
Eligible items can be returned for a full refund within 365 days of purchase.
Final Sale items and certain promotions excluded from returns.
Returns must be unworn, in original condition, and with original packaging.
Easy return options, including printer-free and box-free returns to Whole Foods Market.
ExchangeOption to exchange eligible items instead of returning for a refund.
Final Sale items not eligible for exchange.
Self-service exchanges available through account.
Replacement items sent with next business day shipping for self-service exchanges.
Replacement item sent to the same shipping address as the original order.
Exchange ProcessingFunds from the original item being exchanged transferred to e-Gift Card or Exchange Voucher.
Customer must return the original item within 14 days of exchange request.
If original item not returned within 14 days, customer charged for the original item.
Refund ProcessingReturns take about 5-10 business days to process.
Refunds credited to the original payment method.
Rapid refunds may be available for Zappos VIP members and eligible customers.

How to Return the Parcel on Zappos?

Can I Return Worn Shoes to Zappos

You should follow the following method to return your parcel on Zappos:

  1. Go to their “Website“.
  2. Click on “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. Click on the order you want to return.
  5. Click on the Return Checked item box.
  6. Choose to either have the return label printed immediately or emailed to you.
  7. Click “Return Item” at the bottom of the page.
  8. On the next page, you will get a picture of the product with a barcode.
  9. If you want to print out your label immediately, you will see the orange link “Click here to view your return label”.
  10. Print it out and tape it to your shipping box.

If you want your label to be emailed, you have to tell Zappos’ administration through email, live chat, or phone call.

You should attach the label to the sealed box. Here, make sure to cover the old labels. You can do it with a black marker or can tape the new label on the old one.

But, what will happen if you lose your return label? What will you do now? Let me tell you what to do in this case.

What Should You Do if Your Return Label Got Misplaced?

You can again print it out through the website, or through the email link they have sent you.

In the email, you just have to click the link, and you can print the label out.

On the website, you have to follow the following method.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Choose the order you want to return.
  3. You will see a link saying “Display your Return Label” underneath the tracking column and status.
  4. You can print out your label.

That’s it! You will get your return label in no time.

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In the end, I just want to say that returning worn shoes to Zappos is not a problem. Their website allows returning of running worn shoes within 30 days. For other shoes, you can contact their customer service if you are facing a real issue.

Here, I just want to say that Zappos’ Return policy is lenient and customer friendly. So, if you want to return worn shoes, judge your issues yourself before reaching their administration.

If you think that issue in your shoes is really their fault, then reach them. Otherwise, avoid returning worn shoes to them.

I hope this article has helped you in returning Zappos shoes.

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