Can You Wear Chacos In The Rain? Let’s Find Out

Chacos are one of the best footwear to have. But it is also a little expensive. That is why people live in fear of spoiling them. That is why one question we get in this regard is- can you put them on when it rains?

You can wear Chacos in wet and rainy conditions. The straps are typically made of a durable and water-proof material that can withstand water. Furthermore, they dry out quickly as well.

Want more info? Then, Keep reading! As a bonus, I am also discussing top Chacos footwear you can wear in the rain.

Can You Wear Chacos In The Rain? Unveiling the Truth

Chacos are your excellent partner in the rain because of these reasons:

High-Quality Material

The sandals are made with top-notch materials, including:

  • Leather.
  • Nylon webbing.
  • Rubber.

Not only are these materials durable, they are not affected by moisture.

Furthermore, the straps of sandals are made of polyester that doesn’t absorb water easily. This means that even if your Chacos get wet in the rain, they will dry quickly.


Chacos are known for their excellent grip. The outsole is manufactured with rubber compounds with deep lugs or patterns. That is why it provides good traction on various surfaces, including wet and slippery ones.

This feature enhances your safety and reduces the risk of slipping when walking on wet roads.

Quick Drying

The footwear has a quick-drying design that allows for maximum airflow and water drainage. Let me explain.

The straps are adjustable and have gaps between them. This allows water to easily pass through them.

Additionally, the footbed has channels or contours that help direct water away from your feet.

Moreover, some sandals are designed with breathable features, such as ventilated straps or perforations on the footbed. That is why the water does not stay in them for long.

Offer Stability

Chacos sandals provide comfort and support during outdoor activities. The footbed is molded and provides arch support and cushioning. This is especially crucial when walking on wet surfaces, as the footbed absorbs water and provides stability.

So, chaco sandals are good in the rain!

But there are some issues with these Chacos sandals, which is why I have made a pros and cons table for you.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Chacos In the Rain

Here’s a table of Chacos pros and cons for you:




Less Insulation and Warmth


Can Cause Discomfort or Blisters

Water-Resistant Material




Versatile and Suitable for Outdoor Activities


It’s clear that Chacos pros are more than their cons.

To help you decide, I have shortlisted the top three Chacos footwear you can get.

Which Chaco Shoes are The Best to Wear In Rainy Season?

Can You Wear Chacos In The Rain? Let’s Find Out

When it comes to wearing Chaco shoes in the rainy season, choose a pair that is waterproof or water-resistant to keep your feet dry. Some of the best Chaco shoes for rainy weather include:

Chaco Outcross Evo 2

It is our top pick for those people who want to take a stroll in the rain. It is because it includes a breathable mesh upper that dries quickly. Plus, there is a water-resistant synthetic leather toe cap for added protection.

That’s not it.

The footwear also has a lacing system that allows for a customizable fit, so you can adjust the shoe easily.

In addition, the shoe’s midsole is lightweight and super comfortable.



Can be used for many outdoor activities.

Not as supportive as some other hiking shoes.


Unsuitable for those with wider or “too big” feet.

Fits comfortably


Great for standing all day.


Chaco Z/1 Classic

It is a sandal for those who want to go on a walk in the rainy season but do not like closed-toe shoes. It is because its straps are made from polyester webbing. Therefore, you can adjust them the way you want. Plus, they are water-proof too.

The sandal also has a durable, non-marking rubber outsole with a high-traction pattern. That’s why it provides excellent grip on wet surfaces.

Furthermore, the footbed is made from Chacos LUVSEAT technology, which is designed to provide anatomical support and alignment for the foot.



A great choice for activities like rafting, kayaking, and beachcombing.

Requires a bit of time to conform to feet.

Designed to handle water.

Those with low-volume feet may find that the straps are too loose

Available in different colors and patterns.


The company offers a repair service for their sandals.


Chaco Torrent Pro

The Chaco Torrent Pro is a type of water shoe that is designed for activities that involve water, such as rafting, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. It has a quick-drying upper made from a combination of mesh and synthetic materials.

Moreover, the shoe also has a protective rubber toe cap and heel counter to help guard against rocks and other hazards. Plus, the Grip+ rubber outsole provides excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

Furthermore, it is designed to provide maximum support and relaxation to the feet muscles.

That is why it is a popular choice among those who do outdoor activities.



Uses LUVSEAT™ EVA footbed technology

Available in a limited number of colors



Relaxes the feet




So, these are the top three Chacos footwear you can wear outside without any worry. Get any of them and have a fun time doing outdoor activities.

Here’s a tip- To ensure maximum comfort and longevity of your Chacos, it’s recommended that you clean and dry them after use in wet conditions.

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Final Words

To sum up, Chaco sandals are a popular footwear option that can be worn in different conditions, including rainy weather.

The reason is that these sandals are designed with top-notch materials that can withstand harsh weather easily. Plus, they are water-proof, so the moisture cannot damage them.

So, wear them without any worry in the rain and enjoy life!

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