Hey Dudes in the Rain: Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Hey Dudes has gained popularity for its classy outlook and comfortable design. The company impressed its customers with various versatile designs and eco-friendly motives.

With the increasing hype, people wonder whether the brand can balance sustainability with durability. And are hey dudes waterproof? Can they survive in the rain?

Hey Dudes are made up of canvas or stretch cotton and have EVA. This material can get wet in the rain or by liquids and won’t suffer damage, but the shoes are not completely waterproof. If your shoes are made of vegan leather or suede, it’s important not to wear them out on a rainy day.

The recycled canvas and cotton are breathable and dry up quickly, and the memory foam insoles provide your feet flexibility and bounce. The shoes are lightweight and water resistant but cannot hold water.

Continue reading to know how this impacts the maintenance and durability of these shoes!

What are Hey Dudes Made of?

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Since its prevalence in the shoe industry in 2010, Hey Dudes has widened their style range from simple loafers to sandals, boots, boat shoes, and slippers. They also made various designs for men, women, kids, and unisex shoes to suit every preference.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

The brand aimed to provide elegant and posh footwear without causing environmental harm. All of their shoe styles are made of recycled and biodegradable material to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Moreover, the packaging boxes and bags are made of recycled fiber and bioplastic, which degrades in only one year.

EVA Insoles

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Now coming to the build of their actual shoes, the material is sourced through eco-friendly resources. Styles like sandals and slippers don’t contain plastic at all.

As these designs are worn daily and require more agility, they should be made of a comfortable and strong material.

So, instead of plastic or rubber, they are made of EVA ethylene-vinyl acetate. It is a durable and light polymer that is a better alternative to plastic and more flexible and comfortable for the feet.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about rain or any fluid damaging your shoe sole, which is a problem with most rubber soles. Also, the rubber becomes slippery when it comes in contact with water. EVA, however, firms its grip in case of sweat or moisture.

Vegan Leather and Suede

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Boot designs are made with vegan leather or suede; they are animal cruelty-free and more sustainable. Hey Dudes use a variety of processed vegan leather to give a unique texture to all their designs.

With the right processing and work, vegan leather gives the same appearance as that leather, and it causes less pollution. This material comes from plant-based material and is much lighter and more durable.

The leather and suede do not fade easily, but they can be damaged by water exposure, so it’s better not to walk out on a rainy day.

Canvas Upper and Stretch Cotton or Linen Linings

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Their most popular designs, the loafers, and Wally style shoes, have a canvas upper and stretch-cotton or linen lining inside them to make them extra sturdy.

This double-layer design gives great support to your ankles and feet, and you can walk and run without suffering from any fatigue.

The canvas and the stretch cotton or linen are durable enough to resist water; they can be washed and dried and look as good as new. But they are not hydrophobic, meaning they cannot hold water outside. When exposed to moisture, the material will absorb it and get wet.

However, these shoes are designed to be extremely breathable, allowing air to flow through them and keep your feet cool even in hot climates.

Additionally, the materials used for these shoes are resistant to dirt and stains, so you can wear them in any environment without fear of ruining them.

Do They Have a Waxed Canvas?

One of the most appealing features of these shoes is their stretch pattern canvas, which makes them look edgy and stylish.

It also makes the shoe super light; the weight of Hey Dudes loafers is approximately equal to the weight of some pairs of socks; it is almost as close to wearing nothing.

Despite all of these advantages, they are not waterproof. The company doesn’t use Gore-Tex in the construction of its shoes. Gore-tex or polyvinyl chloride are used in waterproof shoes.

Gore-Tex is a mesh that prevents water from getting inside shoes, and PVC is a plastic that doesn’t absorb water. This comes in handy when you are faced with heavy rain and have no backup shoes.

Both of these elements are not present in the material list of Hey Dudes because they are not eco-friendly. Furthermore, paraffin wax or beeswax is used as a waterproofing coating on the canvas.

Other companies use silicone-based sprays to make their canvas and suede shoes waterproof, but these sprays ruin the natural finish of the canvas and make it look plastic and fake.

Another reason for not using these materials is that they go against the company’s eco-friendly policies.

Nevertheless, some options are somewhat waterproof, such as Hey Dude’s Paul Sox H2O. Just be aware that they won’t be able to resist a full-on soak, either.

They are barely water resistant. If you want to make your shoes waterproof to some extent, you can rub the canvas with paraffin wax. It will help the canvas to hold some water outside.

Can They Resist Rain Damage?

The shoes with suede or vegan leather as their primary material are not resistant to rain damage.

So, if you have premium leather or suede Hey Dudes Boots, boat shoes, or coat shoes, you should keep them protected from excess rain, moisture, and humidity and polish them regularly to maintain their shine.

While many people may view loafers and “Wally” style shoes or sandals as purely aesthetic choices, they offer unexpected comfort with memory foam insoles and canvas material.

Loafers and Wally-style shoes or sandals have memory foam insoles, canvas, and an inner lining of stretch linen. All these substances have a high degree of durability and are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

You can wear these shoes to do all sorts of daily tasks, from morning walks to workouts or getting groceries, or as a casual footwear option to wear to a party or out in the rain if you have to.

Any kind of dirt, water, or heat won’t be able to permanently damage the shoes. All these characteristics make these shoes a highly reliable and durable option for people who want to look good and stay comfortable throughout the day.

Can They Be Washed?

Minor dirt stains and specks caused by a drizzle on canvas can be removed with a damp cloth or towel, but if your Hey Dudes shoes require a thorough cleaning, they can be washed in the washing machine or by hand.

Be sure to wash them gently in your machine because a powerful spin might cause wrinkles on the canvas.

Moreover, the amount of detergent you use should also be very small, as harsh chemicals can ruin the fabric’s colors and cause it to lose its texture. After washing your shoes, air drying is recommended instead of machine drying.

How to Wash Them in the Machine?

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Machine washing is a quick way to renew your shoes and remove nasty stains. It can also come in handy if your shoes become dirty after exposure to rain. I recommend that you only machine wash your Hey Dudes when they are in desperate need of it.

Although their materials are durable enough to sustain a wash, the high turbulent speed of the machine and the chemicals in your detergent may harm them.

But if you are careful and follow all the right steps, your shoes won’t suffer any damage. Here are the steps you should follow to properly wash and dry your Hey Dudes shoes:

Check if the Material is Machine Washable

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

The first and most important thing you have to do before washing your Hey Dudes shoes is to check the material of your shoes and whether the company suggests machine washing or not.

Ensure that your shoes don’t have suede, wool, or vegan leather as their main component because these materials cannot withstand moisture.

The best way to clean shoes like these is to clean them with a rag or cloth and use polish afterward. On the other hand, sandals, loafers, and Wally-style shoes can be washed in the washing machine on low settings.

Always check the product’s description on the company website to confirm the material and whether it is listed as machine-washable. If you are still unsure about the material, always avoid caution and stick to a gentle hand wash or use a special suede cleaning kit.

Brush off as Much Dirt as You can

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Before tossing your shoes in the machine, you must brush away all the dirt. Once you have ensured that your shoes are appropriate for machine washing, it is time to remove large dirt marks.

Make gentle and smooth movements. Use a gentle soft-bristled fabric brush to remove any mud from the surface and sole of your shoes.

Don’t press hard on the surface of the shoes, and avoid making rough back-and-forth movements. In this way, you can wash your shoes in a short cycle and get a better result.

Remove the Memory Foam Insoles

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

When the sole of your shoe is not the right size, the shoe can become uncomfortable to wear. The ethylene-vinyl polymer used as an insole in these shoes is elastic. The polymer molecules can shrink when coming into contact with heat, leading to problems.

Hey Dudes come with removable memory foam insoles that are easy to remove. So, before washing your shoes in the machine, take out the insoles. Once your shoes are washed and dried completely, you can place the insoles back in and use the shoes again.

Use Cold Water

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Warm or hot water can be damaging to the shoes. It can cause the canvas to stretch. It will distort the actual shape of the shoe, and later on, you will have to either fix that problem or buy a new pair of shoes.

So, to avoid both of these situations, it is advisable to use cold water or set your machine to a cold water setting.

Use a Non-Detergent Soap

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Chemicals in the detergents can make the canvas covering vulnerable to damage. They can reduce the quality of the material, making it appear dull and old. So it is better to use safer alternatives like non-detergent soap, mild hand washes, or even dishwashing liquids, which work great.

Wash on the Lowest Settings

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Set your machine to a delicate hand wash cycle; keeping your shoes from spoiling is important. Excess motion can make your shoes appear all wrinkled and mushed, and they will lose their structural strength.

The machine cycle’s fast motions can distress the canvas’s stretch and cross pattern and the inner line lining, making it loose and saggy. As a result, your shoes won’t fit your feet perfectly and will be uncomfortable to wear.

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Let Air Dry

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

After washing, the shoes should be dried naturally, not in the dryer. It is advised to air dry your shoes rather than machine dry them after washing. To ensure that your shoes are returned to their original glory, it is best to put them in a well-ventilated area and let them sit for some time.

This is especially true if you are using a washing machine, as the agitation can damage the material of the shoes and cause them to lose their original shape.

You can also use a hair dryer to dry your shoes, but the heat from the dryer can make the canvas sort of brittle and cause it to appear cracky and cheap. With air drying, the material of the shoes stays flexible and retains its original form.

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Hey Dudes have changed the concept of sustainability with innovative and eco-friendly ways of sourcing materials and packing their products. This “green” movement has made the brand more versatile in terms of its designs and better in terms of quality. Their canvas and Wally-style shoes are designed for daily use and are durable, comfortable, and lightweight.

However, the shoes are not completely waterproof, but their fabrics have high water resistance. They can easily survive all kinds of rain damage, and you can wash them to make them brand new in just one go.

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