How Many Years Do Chacos Last?

Chacos is your best partner for hiking, camping, and everyday use. Chaco sandals are designed with high-quality materials to make them comfortable and durable. Many of you must have thought about how long Chacos last.

Chacos sandals last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. Meanwhile, if you’re wearing your chacos daily, they may last for up to 5 years. The lifetime of Chacos relies on various factors, including usage, care, and maintenance.

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In this blog, you’ll learn about the maintenance and benefits of Chacos sandals. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

How Many Years Do Chacos Last?

How Many Years Do Chacos Last?

Chacos can last approximately ten years without the straps needing to be replaced. They are famous for their extraordinary durability. You should know that the life of Chacos can be decreased to up to 5,6 years due to daily usage.

Undoubtedly, Chacos can be your long-time partner. However, regular Chacos users have definitely experienced a distinct yet funky smell from shoes. So, make sure to maintain your Chacos with time.

How To Maintain Your Chacos Sandals?

Here are the best tips and tricks to maintain your Chacos to maximize their lifespan.

Regular Cleaning

Proper cleaning plays a crucial role in increasing the life of Chaco sandals. As you know, daily cleaning will eliminate all the sweat and dirt from the Chacos that may cause wear and tear to your sandal.

You can clean your Chaco sandal by using soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush to scrub all the debris from it. You must avoid using chemicals and hard brushes that can damage your shoe straps or material.

Maintaining The Sole

Another factor that can help you to maximize the life of your Chaco sandals is the maintenance of the sole. The outsole of Chacos might get damaged early by using it in areas of high impact.

Whenever you feel that your Chaco sandal’s outsole is losing its grip, you should replace it. Using Chacos with a worn sole can lead you to various accidents and fractures.

Strap Adjustment

If you’re a Chaco Sandal user, you must be aware that Chaco comes with adjustable straps. This feature is actually to make their customers comfortable. So, you can tighten and lose the strap of your sandal to make yourself relaxed while hiking or walking.

However, you should ensure that the straps are not over-tighten. If your straps are extensively stretched, it will cause early wear in your sandal.


Various folks must be unaware of the resolving or re-webbing feature of Chacos. Yes, you heard it right. Chaco offers the re-webbing feature which allows you to repair or replace worn-out straps and damaged parts.

If your whole sandal is in good condition, but the straps are damaged, you can replace the straps by contacting the firm. This will provide your sandal with a new extended lifespan.

Air Drying

Finally, a factor that can extend the life of your Chaco sandal is air drying. You might have encountered numerous people drying their shoes in the sunlight, which is totally wrong. Exposure to direct light will degrade your shoe’s material leading to a short lifespan.

So, whenever you wash your Chaco sandals, you should avoid them drying in sunlight or any direct heat source. Instead of these factors, let your shoe air dry. Indisputably, air drying your shoes will maintain a comfortable material and long-lasting support.

What Makes Chacos Deteriorate Faster?

How Many Years Do Chacos Last?

Here are a few factors that can lead your Chacos to deteriorate faster.

Factors Leading to DeteriorationImpact on Chacos
Excessive Daily UseTightens and wears out straps and soles.
Improper CleaningHarsh chemicals can damage straps and soles.
DishwashersCleaning may damage quality over time.
Dryers and Sun ExposureCan cause adhesive in the sole to break down, separating the sole from sandals.

Now, the detail:

Excessive Use

The first thing that can decay your Chacos faster is excessive usage. If you wear your Chacos sandals daily, their life will be automatically decreased. This is because tightening and losing the straps will make them useless.

The sole of Chacos will also be affected by wearing them all the time wherever you go.

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Improper Cleaning

As you already know, keeping your Chacos clean will increase their durability. If you’re coming home after a long day and not cleaning your Chacos sandals, it will start deteriorating in no time.

The accumulation of sweat and dirt will lead your Chacos sandals to wear and tear. Many of you might be confused that you’re cleaning your Chacos daily, but it’s still damaging. Well, you must be using harsh chemicals on the shoes that damage the straps and soles of Chacos sandals.


It would be best if you never ever washed your Chacos sandals in a dishwasher. Indeed, dishwashers use harsh chemicals to clean your dishes and other essentials. After washing your Chacos sandals in a dishwasher, they’ll certainly be clean.

However, the dishwasher will damage the quality of the shoes. Your shoes will start decaying in two to three washes.


Have you ever thought of drying your Chacos sandals instantly in a dryer? You shouldn’t. You must know that the heat of dryers or even exposure to direct sun can deteriorate your Chacos sandals.

Due to excessive heat, the adhesive in the sole of sandals will break down. The melting of glue will separate the sole from your Chacos sandals. Hopefully, you don’t want to wear your Chacos sandals without a sole.

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By now, you know everything about the maintenance of Chacos. A Chaco sandal can last for more than 10 years with good maintenance and proper care. Meanwhile, if you’ll use Chacos daily, it will be with you for approx 3-5 years.

You’ve also gone through the factors that deteriorate Chacos sandals faster. So, if you have a Chaco sandal, take care of it to save it. You can also customize your shoes from freaky shoes.

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