Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake? (Honest Review)

With the rise in online stores, fears of people related to online shopping also rose. I have seen a lot of people who are afraid of doing online shopping because they think online stores are not legit.

Among these online stores, ASOS is a prominent one. I have seen that a lot of people questioned whether it is safe to shop from ASOS. Is it a legit online store? Well…..

ASOS is a legit online store as it is affiliated with large brands such as Adidas, Nike, etc. Moreover, it has a high reputation among customers, and you will find positive reviews of this store everywhere. It also provides a free return policy to enhance the shopping experience of customers.

I have seen that people have various types of concerns related to ASOS. They don’t know much about this online store. So, I have decided to discuss this store in detail in this article.

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About ASOSOnline retailer established in 2000
Based in the UK with fulfillment centers in the UK, US, and Europe
Legitimacy FactorsAffiliated with major brands like Adidas, Nike, Levi’s, etc.
Registered with Companies House in the UK
Presence in multiple countries with factories worldwide
ReviewsMajority of customers satisfied with prices and product quality
Active social media presence with positive customer feedback
A very few negative reviews regarding refunds and delivery time
Policies28-day return policy for full refund
Gift vouchers and gift cards available
Student discount in select countries
Ethical GuidelinesNo animal testing on cosmetics
Efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and use recycled packaging
Measures to reduce water and waste footprints of clothing

About ASOS- A Brief Introduction

First of all, have a brief introduction to this online store. This introduction will answer most of your queries and concerns.

Well, ASOS is an online retailer which has no physical store. It started its journey in 2000 and is based in the UK. Their fulfillment centers are in the UK, US and Europe.

Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake

Their store provides various types of products for men and women. They are mostly famous for their clothes, but you will also find shoes, accessories, makeup, and other various products for both genders.

Moreover, this online store is affiliated with some large brands such as Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. They also have some in-house brands such as ASOS 4505, ASOS Luxe, and ASOS Design. At this moment, they are working with more than 850 brands.

Also, they are providing their services in more than 200 countries. Their factories are in:

  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • China
  • India
  • UK

Now, after this brief introduction, a lot of you may want some assurance about this store. So, I am going to discuss how this store is legit.

Why Is ASOS Legit And Not a Scam?

is asos a scam

Well, as I have already said in the introduction, ASOS is a legit store. Now, let me tell you some major points of how this store is legit:

ASOS Has Built a Credible Reputation

ASOS is legally registered in the United Kingdom by Companies House. This company is the UK’s official registrar of companies and have been in business for over two decades. It is affiliated with a large number of well-known brands.

It has fulfillment centers in the majority of countries. You can find their factories in different countries, including USA, Australia, and France.

However, the location of their office is in New York.

Moreover, their website is also user-friendly. You can navigate the contents easily without facing any trouble.

Furthermore, they have a strong social media presence with a large number of followers. On the company’s Facebook page, they have a “very responsive to messages” badge. It shows that they have strong customer assistance.

They have generated a hashtag “#AsSeenOnMe. And, encourage their customers to post pictures of their products and share their reviews about it. This hashtag has almost 1.4 million Instagram posts at the time of writing. These all posts are full of different people mostly sharing their positive reviews about the products.

According to AdvisoryHq, ASOS social media stats are:

  • Over 20 million followers
  • 69 percent of traffic from mobile devices
  • Almost 26 million active customers

So, due to these reasons, ASOS is well-reputed.

ASOS ReviewsASOS Has Always Received Positive Feedback

My research told me that the majority of customers are satisfied with this store. They are satisfied with the prices, quality of products, and customer service.

While researching reviews, I also came across some websites that are sharing their reviews about different products of this online store. One of the websites is “Rise at Seven“. Their blogger has tested their two trending dresses and a shoe. Their experience was great, and they were in love with all of the products.

Moreover, their blogger has shared an interesting piece of knowledge about ASOS’ products:

We analyzed a range of products from the “bubble wrap dress” and the “denim belt” and found that in total ASOS have landed over 300 links back to the site from some of the biggest national and international publications.”

This means that more than 300 authorized websites, blogs, and publications have bought their bubble wrap dress and belt, and love their product.

This shows that different people are buying and loving this store’s products. But, I also have observed a few negative reviews of this store too. Let’s see what they are.

Negative Reviews of ASOS:

While doing my research, I found a few negative reviews of ASOS too on different forums and social media platforms. These reviews were generally of a few types and were rare. Let’s see what types of complaints customers have with this store:

  • It is difficult to get your refund back. They will respond late to you and will hang on to you in the live chat.
  • Their delivery can take a lot of time.
  • Their product comes in a poor state.
  • Some say that their parcels never reach and they never get a refund.

But, the “Make Use Of” website claims that these reviews are only 26 percent of the total reviews present on the internet. The rest of the 70 percent have received their products on time, love them, and share positive reviews. So, you can’t judge the whole s

You Can Get Top-Notch Products

Their website has mentioned that they are providing genuine products of top-notch brands. They also offer a return policy for those who are not satisfied. This shows that the administration of this store is confident in their products and customer services.

ASOS Has Published Its Policies

ASOS does not hide its policies from its customers. Anyone can go to the official website and read about all of them. Let’s start with refund policy first.

ASOS Refund Policy:

ASOS also offers a return policy for a full refund if customers are unsatisfied with the product. They have shared clear guidelines for this method.

If you get an unwanted product and want to return it, you should do it within 28 days of receiving it. In the place, you will get a full refund.

If you return the product within 29 to 45 days, you will get a gift voucher equal to the money you have spent on the product.

You will find the Return Section on your ASOS account from where you can request the refund. They will send you the complete refund within 14 days of receiving the product. You will get the money through your original payment method.

There are a few points which you should remember while returning the parcel.

  • The labels should remain intact, and the product should be unused.
  • The product should be in the original packing.
  • The item is your responsibility until it reaches ASOS. So, you should make sure to pack it properly.
  • When your product reaches ASOS, you should contact them to confirm that they receive it.
  • If the package is in bad condition, they will send it to you back, and you will have to pay the shipping charges.

So, in short, you should take care of the product, and make sure to send it in its original condition. Only in this way, you will get the refund.

These aspects told me that this store is legit. No scam stores can give services for more than two decades. They can’t be registered, or have factories or fulfillment centers. Though this store doesn’t have physical merchandise, you can see their factories, offices, and fulfillment centers to know this store is legit.

ASOS Shipping Policy:

Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake

They have different shipping times and methods for different countries and areas. As soon as you place your order, you will get your delivery time information with a tracking code.

Moreover, you can check the delivery time frame and cost without placing an order too. ASOS have shared the method on their website.

You just have to change your country flag to the country you want your order in, and you will be able to see your shipping information.

By the way, they provide standard or premium shipping in all areas of the world. I will suggest you check the shipping time frame and cost before placing the order.

Offers Excellent Customer Service:

Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake

You can contact them through your ASOS account if you have any complaints or issues. Their websites’ live chat is the best way to reach them.

Moreover, you can also contact them through Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any phone numbers to contact them. So, you have to use the following methods to avail their customer services.

Follows Ethical Guidelines:

Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake

I have seen a lot of stores that prefer profit hunting without worrying about their activities impact on the environment. But, I am glad that ASOS is different from them.

It has clear ethical guidelines for its products which are benefiting people and the environment. Let’s see some of their ethical guidelines.

  • They have strict no-animal testing on their cosmetics.
  • They have reduced greenhouse gases in their warehouses.
  • They use recycled material for packaging.
  • They have taken steps to reduce the water and waste footprints of their clothing.

These guidelines told me that this store is not only legit but also has integrity and an ethical side which makes it stand out from other stores.

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Now, I also have seen people questioning why ASOS products are cheaper. This question also raises doubts among people about their products. So, let’s discuss it now.

Why Are ASOS Products Cheap? Let’s Find Out

Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake

A lot of people assume that ASOS products are cheap so they are reluctant to buy things from here. Well, this is not true that this store has cheap products.

You will find various products at different prices on this online store. There are products which have high prices but there are also products with low prices.

What are the reasons for these low prices? Well, there are two main reasons for it:

  • The products with low prices have used cheap fabric or material.
  • The product is manufactured in those areas of the world where manufacturing and labor is cheap.

As I have already told you, their factories are in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East too. Labor and manufacturing are cheap in these areas, so products manufactured here will be cheap.

But, you will also find products of high prices in this online store too. These products are mostly from reputable designers and brands. So, you can trust these brands and can buy products from here without any fear.

The cheap products are mostly ASOS in-house brands which, if you are not satisfied, can be ignored. You can only focus on reputable brands. Or, you can check the reviews of every product for your satisfaction. If the reviews are good, you can go for the cheap products too.

Now, a lot of you may be satisfied with the legitimacy of the store and its product qualities, but what about the shopping experience? I know all of you want the answer to this question, so I am going to discuss them now.

How To Shop With ASOS? Everything You Should Know

Let’s dive into the different policies of this online store which is benefiting their customers in different ways.

Payment Methods

Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake

You all must want to know how to pay ASOS for your orders. What payment methods does ASOS accept? Well, there are three payment methods they accept:

  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • PayPal

You can pay for the products through these three methods and can confirm your order.

ASOS Gift Vouchers

Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake

You can gift vouchers to your loved ones through this store. I bet it will be an amazing gift for those who are lovers of online shopping.

For gifting vouchers, you have to follow the following method:

  1. Go to their website.
  2. Select the amount and design of the voucher.
  3. Add the email address and name of the person you want to send the voucher.
  4. Add your name and a personal message for your special person.
  5. Select the date when you want the person to receive it.

Your voucher will be emailed to your loved one on your selected date. Do remember that ASOS will take at least 24 hours to email the voucher, so select the time accordingly.

Do remember these points too:

  • UK gift vouchers will expire in 2 years.
  • US gift vouchers have no expiry date.
  • In other countries, vouchers will expire in 10 years.

Now, just like gift vouchers, you can use gift cards too. I am going to discuss its process now.

ASOS Gift Cards

Is ASOS.COM Legit or Fake

You can find their cards in multiple retailers such as Morrisons, Tesco, Boots, The Post Office, Sainsbury, etc. Moreover, you can also buy it online from multiple online gift card malls.

Here, you have to remember some points:

  • Gift cards will expire after 24 months of their purchase.
  • You must give 10 minutes for redeeming your card after placing the order.
  • You can add it to your account by adding 16 digits to your card. After it, add a 4 digits pin to it.
  • Once the card is added to your ASOS account, you can’t transfer it.
  • The gift card price varies from 15 dollars to 200 dollars.
  • Whenever you place an order, ASOS will deduct your money from the gift card from your account. If your order’s payment exceeds the gift card amount, you have to pay the extra money from your card.

You should remember these points when using gift cards. Now, if you are a student, you know you can have discounts too. I know it is exciting, so let’s discuss it now.

ASOS Student Discount and Vouchers

If you are age 16, you can have a 10 percent discount on ASOS purchases till you graduate. Yes! Till your graduation, you can avail student discounts. This discount can increase with students’ promotions.

But, here is a catch. There are only a few countries where this student discount is activated. These countries are:

  • Denmark
  • UK
  • USA
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Singapore

Now, for activating the account, you just have to go to their validation page and enter your details. They use SheerID for student validation.

They also provide you with a student choice gift card. You can activate your card by following the instructions present on the other side of the card.


In the end, I just want to say that ASOS is a legit store that has proper ethical guidelines and quality customer service.

Though a few people dislike this store, the majority love it. A lot of people prefer shopping here by seeing the reviews of each product.

So, you should also bury all your doubts and shop from here after checking reviews of the product you want to buy. Hope so, you will have a nice shopping experience.

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