Where Does ASOS Get Their Shoes From? (Brands)

Are you a fan of ASOS shoes? Or, want to know about their shoes before buying them? Well, if the answer to any question is yes, you are on the right page.

I have seen that a lot of people want to buy shoes from ASOS but are reluctant to buy because they don’t know where they get their shoes from, and what their quality is.

ASOS gets its shoes from multiple reputable brands such as Nike and Adidas. They have declared on their website that these shoes are original. With it, they also have in-house brands such as ASOS Design Shoes. They manufacture these shoes in their factories.

Now, I know you all want to know more about ASOS shoe brands and their business model. So, I am going to discuss ASOS shoes in detail now.

But if you want to know brand details, I have written about which brands ASOS Sells.

Where Does ASOS Get Their Shoes From?

Where do ASOS Get Their Shoes From

You will find high-street brands and ASOS in-house brands on their website. These brands sell shoes, clothes, jewelry, and other accessories.

So, what is the business model of ASOS?

Well, they buy shoes from reputable brands in bulk and at wholesale rates. After that, they stock them in their storage houses. These shoes are authentic, and best-selling pieces by high-street designers.

With it, they also manufacture shoes in their factories. They have factories in different areas of the world such as China, India, Turkey, the UK, the USA, etc. They sell these shoes under their private brand’s label. You will find different ASOS brands on their website such as ASOS Luxe, ASOS Design Shoes, etc.

So, this is their business model and their way of getting ASOS shoes. Now, you may want to know which brands ASOS sells. So, I am going to discuss them now.

Which Brands Does ASOS Sell?

Where do ASOS Get Their Shoes From

Well, ASOS keeps adding new brands from time to time. According to Edited, ASOS introduces almost 2500 to 7000 products weekly on their website. This fact alone can tell you how this marketplace keeps adding brands and products to its list.

By the way, if you want to get the whole list of brands, you can click on womenswear and menswear.

But, let me give you a small list of shoe brands in this store.

  • Adidas
  • ALDO
  • Caterpillar
  • Charles & Keith
  • Dune London
  • Nike
  • O’Neill
  • Jordan
  • Koi Footwear
  • Levi’s
  • Shellys
  • Skechers
  • H by Hudson
  • On Running
  • Puma

This is the list of a few reputable shoe brands which ASOS sell in their store. Except for these, you will also find in-house brands such as:

  • ASOS Design
  • ASOS Luxe
  • ASOS 4505

These brands sell a lot of products, and shoes are one of them.

In all these brands, you will find a large collection of shoes in every niche and design. You will find your favorite colors, designs, and type of shoes for every occasion and with every dress.

Now, a lot of you may have questions regarding ASOS shoe quality. A lot of you may want to buy shoes from here, but have questions regarding their quality. So, I am going to discuss the shoe quality of ASOS brands now.

What is the Shoe Quality of ASOS Brands?

Well, as I have already discussed, ASOS buys shoes from reputable brands and creates a few in their factories too. Shoes that are from reputable brands have high quality. There is no doubt about these shoes as they are authentic, and belong to high-street brands.

But, the main issue lies with the shoes which ASOS in-house brands manufacture. Are they of high quality? Well, a lot of customers on the internet have mixed reviews about ASOS shoes. Some found them a waste of money, and some found them worth trying. So, based on their reviews, I am going to discuss three main aspects of ASOS shoes.

These three aspects are:

  1. Quality
  2. Price
  3. Comfort

These aspects will help you to know the quality of ASOS shoes, or whether they are worth spending money on.

Three Aspects of ASOS Shoes

Let’s discuss them in detail to know whether you should buy ASOS shoes or not.


The quality of ASOS Design shoes is poor. This is what my research and observation told me. A lot of customers agree that ASOS shoes are made of cheap material, and are not durable. These shoes have impressive designs and colors, but they are made of cheap material.

Their leather shoes have thin leather so creasing and scuffing will start appearing on it even with mild pressure. Also, ASOS Design suede shoes are not stitched properly so they will tear away soon.

Some customers have also complained that heels completely broke down after a few months of use. Their canvas shoes also lost their shape after a few months.

So, it is safe to say that ASOS shoes will last only for 8-12 months.


ASOS shoes are more affordable than other brands. These shoes are of different types and have eye-catching styles and colors that seem to belong to high-class brands. I was amazed to see their designs and how they escalate customers’ looks. So, their designs are just like high-class brands but the price is way less than those brands.

I am going to note down estimated prices for different types of ASOS Design shoes:

Types of Footwear

ASOS Shoes Price





Casual and Formal


Kindly note that I have written the current estimated prices. This can change with time, and some ASOS shoes can have slightly higher or lower prices than the ones I have mentioned.

But, the overall idea is that ASOS shoes are budget-friendly, and don’t have cheap looks too. So, for the price section, these shoes have full numbers from the customers.


You will be surprised to know that these shoes are comfortable too. In comparison to their price, you will find these shoes extra comfortable. Their insoles are soft so your foot will not ache.

But, some of their shoes don’t have cushioned insoles. These can be a bit uncomfortable. But, you can solve it by replacing the insoles. Just buy any cushioned insole and replace it with your shoes’ insole. So, for comfort, these shoes are good.

It means that ASOS shoes are a good choice for those who want comfort and budget-friendly shoes. But, if someone wants durable shoes, ASOS is a bad choice for those. You have to compromise on the quality of shoes if you want stylish, comfortable, and affordable shoes.

Here, I know a lot of people will have a question: Why are ASOS shoes cheaper? How do they manage to keep their shoes affordable? So, I am going to discuss this answer now.

Why are ASOS Shoes Cheaper?

There are various reasons why ASOS shoes are cheaper. Some of the main reasons are:

  • They are online stores so they have limited expenses.
  • They buy products in bulk from different brands. So, they get them at wholesale rates.
  • Their factories are in developing countries where materials and labor are cheaper.
  • Their material is not of good quality.

These four are the main reasons that ASOS manages to keep its shoes affordable for customers.

Wrap Up:

In short, we can say that ASOS has two major sources for its shoes. One source is buying shoes from different reputable brands, and selling them through their website. The other source is manufacturing the shoes in their factory.

The shoe quality of reputable brands is high but ASOS’ in-house brands have low-quality shoes. These shoes are affordable and comfortable but are not durable.

So, every person with a different budget and taste will find suitable shoes for them on this website.

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