Why is ASOS Popular? (Top Reasons)

You may have seen the decline of a lot of online fashion retailers. A lot of websites gain popularity but then swiftly lose it within a few days. But, ASOS is an exceptional case.

You may have seen a lot of people around you buying products from this British online retailer. Maybe you too are fans of this online store. So, I have seen that a lot of people asked why ASOS is popular. What makes this eCommerce store famous?

Six key factors make ASOS popular among people, which are customer satisfaction, variety of products, inclusion, price ranges, investment in technology, and having a strong international market.

I know you all want to know about these factors in detail. So, let’s discuss them now.

But if you desperately want to know about the products you can get from ASOS, then good news is- I’ve also discussed them in detail.

Here’s a summary table on ASOS to give you an idea about why it is popular:

Key InformationDescription
Company NameASOS (formerly known as “As Seen On Screen”)
FoundedJune 3, 2000
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
IndustryE-commerce, Retail, Fashion
CEOJosé Antonio Ramos Calamonte
ProductsClothing, Footwear, Accessories, Beauty Products
Target AudienceYoung adults interested in fashion and trends
Business ModelOnline retail platform that offers a wide range of fashion and beauty products
Global ReachOperates in numerous countries worldwide
InnovationEmbraces technology, social media, and influencer collaborations to connect with customers
SustainabilityFocuses on sustainable practices, such as eco-friendly products and ethical sourcing
Growth StrategyExpanding product offerings, enhancing user experience, and global market penetration
Notable FeaturesExtensive product variety, size inclusivity, virtual try-on options, fashion inspiration content

Why is ASOS Popular? Top Reasons

Why is ASOS Popular

According to Diginomica, in 2016, over 20 percent of the UK population bought something from ASOS. This fact alone told us the popularity ratio of ASOS.

Now, you must want to know why it is famous. So, I am going to list six key factors which make this website popular among other UK fashion retailers.

Customer Satisfaction

Why is ASOS Popular

ASOS declares itself as a “global online community of fashion lovers”. It has strong customer policies which ensure that consumers receive quality products without any difficulty.

I have seen their policies for boutique owners in their store and found all these policies customer friendly. These policies want boutique owners to:

  • Reply to customers within one day.
  • Ship their product within 2 days of placing an order with a tracking code.
  • Products should be genuine and of high quality.
  • Refunds should be processed within 2 days.

On their Facebook Page, they have earned the badge of “very responsive to messages”. This shows that they answer customer queries, and solve their issues promptly.

According to my research, 70 percent of global customers are satisfied with ASOS products, delivery timing, and prices.

This store also has ASOS Premier which is just like Amazon Prime. For a yearly fee, customers can sign up and enjoy two-day shipping for the whole year. This is currently present in 15 countries.

ASOS also offers student discount cards and vouchers to those whose age is more than 16. They can enjoy this discount till their graduation.

These all policies and facts told me that customers are highly satisfied with this online store, and it is their key factor in success.

Variety of Products

Why is ASOS Popular

The second key point, according to my point of view, is their large collection of products. You will find all types of fashion-related products in this store.

Moreover, their marketplace has 900 plus small business owners and boutiques from 50-plus countries around the globe. These all boutique owners and designers introduce unique fashion products and designs to their customers.

You will also find products from renowned brands too on this online store. These brands include Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, etc.

Their products are of different categories such as petite, maternity, tall, and plus size. They also have products in different niches such as weddings, premium sectors, and reworked vintages.

According to Edited, ASOS introduces 2500 to 7000 new products each week. This fact blows my mind, and instantly tells me the key to ASOS popularity. Newness drives this brand, making it popular among UK fashion retailers.

Moreover, they wait for the unique stock and drop their weekly launch in a go. It solidifies its launch as it contains different products of unique styles.

These all products are trendy, and most of them are not available on other sites. So, this trendy aspect makes this store stand out from the others.


Why is ASOS Popular

Another key element of this store is to recognize its target audience and make changes according to their mindset. I believe, just like Forbes, that Gen Z is a rebel against stereotype boxes, so inclusive products are the future of eCommerce stores.

ASOS knows this fact so they have introduced genderless shopping in their store. For this, they have removed gendered items and products from their marketplace.

Their main target audience is teens from all over the world. So, to make their store inclusive, they have stopped focusing on religion, demographics, gender, race, and color. So, people of all types can find products in this store.

Moreover, they have started using the photos of influencers and bloggers using their products on their websites and social media accounts. This store has said goodbye to models and a high level of photoshoots which seems unrealistic.

There are pictures of bloggers from all walks of life. These realistic pictures will help you to relate to them.

In this way, customers seem involved with the products and will be eager to buy them.

Price Ranges

Why is ASOS Popular

I have seen that a lot of online fashion retailers have one significant strategy:

Having low-price products.

Low prices mean that product quality is also low. So, a lot of online fashion retailers became unsuccessful because of it.

So, ASOS hasn’t used this strategy and made its pricing similar to traditional catalog retailers. You will find products of various prices in this store, so you can shop here according to your taste and budget.

There are products of highly reputable brands in this store which have high prices. But, the prices of ASOS in-house brands tend to have low prices. Also, they introduce exclusive products with reputable brands. These exclusive products tend to have higher prices.

So, these various price ranges make it popular among every social class.

Investment in Technology

Why is ASOS Popular

I was amazed to learn how much investment ASOS is doing in its technology department. Its CEO Nick Beighton once said:

“I’m really proud of the work we’ve done in technology. Our tech team continues to grow. We now have around 700 people in technology and developments are getting faster.”

This fact told us that they are investing thousands of dollars in technology to make their online store user-friendly for their customers.

I have seen their website, and am amazed at how simple its interface is, and how user-friendly it is. You can easily navigate the website, and reach your desired product in no time.

Moreover, they have launched an Android and iOS app that helps mobile users to navigate the online store anywhere and anytime.

With it, they are using social media platforms actively to engage their audience and receive new ones. In 2014, they launched the campaign #AsSeenOnMe where they encourage customers to share their pictures in ASOS’ outfits. This campaign helps them in marketing their products without any cost and winning the trust of new customers.

So, user-friendly websites and successful digital marketing are another key element for ASOS’ popularity.

International Markets

Why is ASOS Popular

According to Global, ASOS is offering a localized buying experience to its international market, and this is the key point for its success. 60 percent of its business comes from abroad, so it is famous in the international market.

This online store is delivering to more than 200 countries around the globe. It has warehouses and factories in all four corners of the world. This fact enables them to give free shipping and free returns to the global audience. Moreover, they can ship products within 48 hours too.

They provide relevant product offers, have a local team, and provide standard or express shipping. You can submit money in your currency to order from this store. You can converse with the local team so that there will be no language barrier.

These elements make it a success among global customers.

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To conclude this whole conversation, I just want to say that ASOS is a famous British online retailer because of its policies and thoughtfulness. It knows its target audience, what are the latest trends and thought patterns of Gen Z.

Due to their policies and these six core strategies, they are becoming famous among local and global audiences.

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