Who is Zappos’ Biggest Competitors?

If you know about Zappos, you must want to know about its competitors. I know that people who are the fan of Zappos, have these questions in their minds: Who is this online Zappos’s biggest competitor?

Well, be happy because I am going to answer the question:

The top six biggest competitors of Zappos are Nordstrom, Macy’s, Designer Brands, Lyst, 6 PM, and Foot Locker. These retailers also offer a broad range of products and maintain good customer service (just like Zappos).

I know you want to know all about these alternatives in detail, so let’s discuss them.

Here’s a table of comparison Of Zappos With its biggest competitors:

AspectZapposNordstromMacy’sDesigner BrandsLyst6 PMFoot Locker
Luxury BrandsSomewhat Limited ExtensiveLimitedLimitedExtensiveLimitedLimited
Price RangeModerate-HighModerate-HighModerate-HighModerate-HighVariableLow-ModerateModerate-High
Sales/DealsRegular PromotionsAnniversary SaleSales EventsClearance SalesDiscountsDaily DealsPromotions
Customer ReviewsPositivePositivePositiveMix reactionMix reactionsMix reactionsPositive
Shipping OptionsStandardStandardStandardStandardVariableStandardStandard
Return PolicyFree ReturnsFree ReturnsFree Returns30-Day ReturnsVariableFree ReturnsFree Returns
Loyalty ProgramYesYesYesYesNoNoYes
Website URLzappos.comnordstrom.commacys.comdsw.comlyst.com6pm.comfootlocker.com

6 Biggest Competitors of Zappos

Who is Zappos' Biggest Competitors

As you may know, Zappos is a reputable fashion retailer. It has such a great reputation that Amazon showed interest in it and bought it a few years ago. As it is under Amazon, you will find a large range of products and quality customer services on this online store. In this scenario, you can expect other retailers to compete with Zappos. I know you are curious to know about Zappos alternatives. So, I am going to discuss six competitors or alternatives of it now:


Who is Zappos' Biggest Competitors

Nordstrom is an American luxury retail store that is famous for its products and great customer service. I have seen that customers are hell satisfied with this store because of their quality services. This aspect makes this store stand out from other ones.

You will find compelling clothes, jewelry, beauty products, accessories, and shoes for men, women, and kids in this store. Their free shipping on orders above $89 is also a cherry on top.

Currently, it also has an impressive ranking. I have seen that on Similar Web, it ranks 5 in the category of fashion and retail. Here, it is beating Zappos as its ranking is 9.

According to Semrush, in the US, its ranking is 990. Here, Zappos is at 1,007. So, this store is again beating Zappos.

I will suggest Zappos focus on its customer service if it wants to beat Nordstrom. If they give heed to my advice, maybe they start beating Nordstrom in the future.


Who is Zappos' Biggest Competitors

Macy’s is an American department store chain where you will find fashion and home accessories in one place.

If you want premium fashion brands and products, Macy’s should be your destination.

You will find products in different categories such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, beauty, and other home accessories.

Do you know what it means? It means that this store can cover all of your needs. With it, it can provide you with quality products at affordable rates.

As you may know, it is an international store so it has an audience from the whole world. With it, its free shipping offer is non-resistible. With it, they also provide gift cards, sales, and discounts on different products of the latest brands. I know what you are thinking! This place is heaven for shopping lovers like me and you!

According to Similar Web, it ranks number 2 in the fashion and apparel category. Here, it is sure beating Zappos. Its global ranking is 370 while Zappos’s ranking is 1,751. These facts are telling us who is the winner of this competition.

Designer Brands

Who is Zappos' Biggest Competitors

Designer Brands, or you may call DSW, is an American company that sells branded shoes and other fashion accessories. You will find handbags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, and other types of accessories from different brands in this store.

Do you know what things make this store unique?

It’s an eCommerce website and a large store chain!

It operates over 500 stores in the US. I know it is an amazing figure!

I have seen on Semrush that its e-commerce website’s global ranking is 10,172. Here, Zappos’s ranking is 5,384. In the US, DSW’s rank is 2,071 and Zappos’ rank is 1,007. These stats are telling us that competition is quite hard between these two stores. Let’s see what the future holds for them!


Who is Zappos' Biggest Competitors

Well, the fourth one on our list is Lyst! It is an online fashion retailer where you can find 17000 fashion brands in one place. I know it is crazy!! This digit is alone enough to tell me what huge collection you can expect in this store!

With this digit, I was also amazed at its ranking!

According to Similar Web, this store ranks 97 in the fashion and apparel category in the United States. Its annual revenue is $25M to $50M. I have stated the facts which are present at this moment. Kindly note that they may change with time.

Just like Similar Web, I have also seen impressive ranking on Semrush. There, Lyst’s country ranking is 6,055 while Zappos is on a 1,007 ranking. No doubt, Zappos is beating Lyst at this moment, but things can change shortly.

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6 PM

Who is Zappos' Biggest Competitors

Just like other retail stores in my list, 6 PM also has a large collection of different products at discounted rates. In it, you will find sandals, sneakers, bags, clothes, swimwear, and much more. There is a large collection of products that I can’t even enlist here!

With it, I think the best part of this store is its sale and discounted prices. You will find affordable products in this store.

I have seen that currently on Similar Web, 6 PM ranking is 175 in the fashion and retail category while Zappos’ ranking is 9. This difference tells me that 6 PM is an alternative to Zappos, but not a strong competitor at this moment.

Foot Locker

Who is Zappos' Biggest Competitors

Finally, the last one on our list! Foot Locker is a leading apparel and footwear retailer which has different types of shoes and accessories in its store. You will find reputable brands in this store with attractive offers and discounts.

At this moment, they have approximately 2700 stores in 129 countries around the globe. Amazing? I know!

So, as you can expect, this store is heaven for footwear lovers. In this store, you and I will be surrounded by best-selling pieces from reputable brands.

Now, let’s go to the ranking part.

In it, Zappos has come into the list of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For numerous times in the previous years. Similarly, Foot Locker has come into Fortune’s 500 list various times in previous years. In 2023, its ranking is 432 on the list. Moreover, I have seen that it is ranked 39 in the fashion and retail category on Similar Web.

These stats are telling me that Zappos is leading the competition here. But don’t get much happy with the Zappos team! Foot Locker can beat you at any time.

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Wrap Up:

In short, these are the six biggest competitors of Zappos which can replace it easily in the future. Some are beating it in the competition, and some may beat it in the future.

I hope this article will help you in knowing more about Zappos’ competitors and alternatives.

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